Mid-Michigans Only Green Repair Facility
Founded in 2014 by Kristen Shepard, On-Site Vehicle Services has lead the way with the future of what is considered the normal vehicle repair. She established Mid-Michigans ONLY green repair facility. This was done by setting standards higher than you would normally see in a repair facility; 100% paperless invoicing, all natural/ biodegradable fluid absorbant, demand based scheduling, premises based repairs, all while not costing quality or the consumer any extra.
Management Team
Kristen Shepard- Owner 
Jeremy Shepard- Master Mechanic
The On-Site Family

Our family to yours, celebrating silver bells in the city 2014 
Our Mission 
To continue to provide the best customer service possible, while maintaining competative pricing, and proving to the general consumer that the automotive repair industy is not as dishonet as it is portrayed 


1765 S. Aurelius Rd. Mason MI 48854